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I was just sitting on my couch the other day, minding my own business when Anina sends me an email with a link to the Spud and Chloe Blog. Now, as you may know, I have a real problem with startitis and a Clapotis shawl that is required to be finished for Friday (it’s coming along nicely by the way). Well I opened the email (mistake 1) to find a picture of a lovely little sampler blanket, called the Dreamcatcher. It has everything I love in a blanket, different stitches, many colours, and a pretty patchwork effect. I started knitting by making sampler blankets (I made them in strips rather than squares because it was easier to make mathematical mistakes that way) and I also made some Sampler Placemats I like the idea so much.

So here is the small amount of Spud and Chloe Sweater I have and I’m just deciding on which other colours I will add. They have put out some fabulous new colours since I picked these up and I’m thrilled to have an excuse to try some different ones too. Perhaps adding some Barn Red? Maybe some Moonlight or Grape Jelly? It’s not as though Hunter needs a new blanket and it’s not as though I need another project but the combination of inspiration and fun yarn is irresistible. I blame you Anina.

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One Response to “Dreamcatcher”

  1. Anina says:

    Have fun! I love having all of these colours on hand and after knitting the Spud and Chloe farm, I have to say the yarns are great to work with and the colours brighten up my coffee table!