• New Year, New…?

Well, I hope everyone had a nice wrap up to 2012. Personally I find that no matter what, it’s an exhausting time of year. Now don’t get me wrong, lots of visiting, good food, friends. On the other hand, lots of visiting, too much pastry and food, and for those of us in the service/retail industry, well… It is certainly stressful no matter where you work.

Many people are renowned for their annual resolutions (my favourite this year was “I resolve to keep talking about starting to do yoga”). Did you make any resolutions? Myself, I don’t typically bother, I prefer to make ‘running changes’ to anything I feel needs improving, rather than waiting and trying to commit to everything at once. That being said, I would like to spend more time knitting, and maybe dip into some other crafts as well (crocheting? Finally finishing that crewel kit I started ages ago?). I will do my best to do so, but I have just started my graduate program this past week, so I predict that I will be busy, to say the least.

A great resolution for anyone would be to take some knitting classes! We’ve got a great line-up this winter over at the main site (http://www.urbanyarns.com/classes/) With cables, lace, sweaters, socks, beginner, beyond beginner, all sorts of goodies to meet your schedule with day and evening offerings! We always want to know what you (yes, you) are interested in, though, so if there is something you’re interested in learning, let us know, and a class may not be all that far away…

One class in particular that I’m offering this month is the Guernsey Wrap by Jared Flood. It’s a really great advanced beginner project since it just incorporates knit and purl, but does get you comfortable with charts. All it takes is 640m of worsted or aran weight yarn (it’s a wrap, gauge is not so crucial, another reason it’s appealing), and you’re away! A sample is in the Point Grey store to get your hands on…


2 Responses to “New Year, New…?”

  1. Beverley says:

    This is a lovely pattern. I made one with thrifted yarn almost the colour in the photo. Gauge matters a bit as mine is wider and longer (eight feet!) and must have used more yarn than 640 m.

  2. Zaelia Blue says:

    Happy new year. Thanks for blogging through the holidays. Had a look through the list of classes and I’ve made note of two or three. What a great selection!