• Yarn Diet Yarn Schmiet

It’s oh so trendy this time of year to say: I’m going to knit the stash. There are groups dedicated to this issue on Ravelry and in the blogging world. There are support groups and all those knitting-nay-sayers egging you on. Sure a yarn diet sounds good, like spring cleaning and resolutions but is it really the way to go?


Year after year I make the same type of deal with myself. I decide only to buy yarn for dedicated projects, I decide I can only get 1 ball for every 2 knit from the stash, or I decide it’s one UFO for every new O. But this year is going to be different! This year I’m going to knit with yarns I haven’t knit with before. I’m going cast on a new project today and enjoy it. Revel in the newness of a technique not tried before. It’s going to be a year of new instead. While the yarns in it might rotate, the stash will still be there next month, and probably the next one too! So I say take a class, try a new project, or a fiber you’ve never worked with before and enjoy!

One Response to “Yarn Diet Yarn Schmiet”

  1. kt says:

    What’s the yarn in the photo, Alexa? I think I need it!