• Addi Sock Rockets

Sock knitters rejoice! Our beloved Addi needles now come in a new package, geared directly towards sock knitters who work with either the magic loop, or two circular method. With that in mind, they only come in 24″ and 40″ versions, in sizes 2.0, 2.25, 2.5, 2.75, 3.0 and 3.25mm needles (in both lengths). So other than a restricted size and length selection, what makes these needles special? Well, they have taken the pointy pointy tips from the lace collection, and given them the same ultra-slick nickel finish found on the turbo collection – the very best of both worlds. These are now in stock, and sure to please…


They kind of make me wish I were a sock knitter!

In other news, lace yarns are at an all-time high in the store, from pretty much every distributor. Now, I think I’ll save a big lace roundup for another time, but I just wanted to highlight one of our most popular patterns from last year: The Churchmouse Yarns Mohair Bias Loop.


Now, the red sample that we have is done out of the incredibly decadent Superior from Filatura di Crosa, but I have seen plenty of stunning ones done out of any laceweight yarn (mohair or otherwise). My favourite so far was out of some undyed bison that someone had got a hold of up north – stunning.

IMG_1281 copy

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