• Fair Isle for Spring

Hunter absolutely LOVES the aquarium. She runs around like a crazy person trying to say any names she knows (she’s pretty sure the Caymans are ‘croc-oh-die-ahls’ all 4 syllables, and no arguments to the contrary would suffice), pointing at things to show Jones, while I and my stroller just try to keep up. She also enjoys a day of changing the fishtank water with daddy. They change the water, feed the fish, watch them swim. It’s a bonding activity. So you can see, fish are important to Hunter! I had to knit her a fair isle yoked sweater to commemorate this fish-filled time of her life.

Goldfish is knit from the top down, sleeves and button bands are knit last. It has a cute little bubble detail at the bottom. I decided to throw caution to the wind and put a LOT of buttons on it because they are so darn cute! I just leave them buttoned and pull it over her head, she doesn’t mind much. For Goldfish you will need 2 colors of sport or dk weight yarn, something bright and vibrant for Spring!

If you haven’t tried fair isle knitting yet, it’s time to learn! There are so many multi-colored wonderful patterns out there and so many great color combinations to choose from! If you are intimidated just give us a call and Amanda will set you straight, she’s a whiz with colorwork!

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