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Because some weeks life is just too busy to handle… It’s time for another pattern round up!

Here in the lovely, wet climate of the Pacific Northwest, layering is the name of the game. We don’t get to throw on a big puffy down jacket and keep warm, we must layer. Like onions. Big, wooly onions.

Um, anyway, the key to layering, is to work with several light layers. You can certainly have something heavy as an outer layer, but to truly catch hear and provide some lasting protection from elements, more light layers are the way to go.

What does this mean? Well, it means working in lightweight yarns. Lightweight as in sport at the very heaviest (DK? Too heavy). For crazy people like me, this is great! Do you enjoy knitting miles upon miles of stockinette in fingering and laceweight yarns? Well, I do. So much so that in fact I knit myself a big wrap-front cardigan out of a light sock yarn, which meant a LOT of knitting, for it to be my size.

All that aside, light garments make for great three-season wear! In addition to lots of Winter layering, they are perfect for Spring and Fall coverups. So, without further ado, a round-up of some of my favourite cardigans!

Whisper Cardigan
This is where it all started for me. Hannah Fettig is a fantastic designer, always such effortless pieces.

Featherweight Cardigan
Another Hannah Fettig design – I might even like the shape of this one more.

I adore the simplicity of all Kirsten Johnstones designs. So clean, great lines.

Vitamin D
A lovely, cheerful little knit. A bit more difficult to layer, but would be great for Spring or Fall.

Delicate, dainty, and it looks like a lot of people have made some excellent modifications as well.

Slouchy, Cozy, Stripey, what more could you ask for?

If I could hire someone to design all my outfits it would be Veera Valimaki, hands down. Love love love her designs, cannot get enough of her esthetic.

Ann Weaver has done some fantastic designs. I think the strip detail at the waist is an excellent touch in this pattern.

Same Same but different
Maybe the epitome of the perfect vanilla cardigan. You could totally spice it up, but it is perfect as is.

Abigail Cardi
I think this is the ideal Summer evening cover-up. I don’t like knitting in alpaca, but I think with just a bit of halo, this would be irresistible.

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