• Happy Canada Day!

There is nothing like a long weekend to get me thinking about vacation knitting. My favorite thing about knitting on the go is the memories. Each time you look at the hat, scarf, or cowl, (or whatever you knit on the go) you will remember the trip that you took. ‘I knit that on the plane to California’ or ‘That was the road trip where we ran out of gas!’ etc. So this begs the question, what will you knit on the road?

Malt by Tin Can Knits

What can I knit in the car, what works well around the campfire, what kind of knitting works well for planes, so many things to consider! I personally like to have 1 larger project and at least 1 smaller project, depending on the trip length. For my road trip this summer I will be knitting a blanket (Malt) and a cowl (Lionsgate). Both worsted weight yarn, and a simple, but easy to memorize pattern. Only 1 needle per project, so there is less of a chance I will lose them (it’s a problem).

Lionsgate by Tin Can Knits

Lionsgate by Tin Can Knits

If you are picking up a road trip project this week, why not choose a great Canadian yarn dyer? There are Koigu, Handmaiden, SweetGeorgia, and Fleece Artist to choose from!

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