• These are some of my favourite things

First off, I apologize for being a bit light on the posting the last few weeks. You see, when your computer decides to finally up and kick the bucket, it tends to put a bit of a damper on anything involving photo editing, or the internet, or word processing…

But, I’m back and Urban Yarns Headquarters (UYHQ) is functional once again!

Actually, speaking of UYHQ (the real store, not the one that is just my laptop on my coffee table in front of my couch), Anina has been the busiest bee this month. The Point Grey store has got a completely new layout with a brand new front console and a much nicer wall layout – you should come check it out! (I would have a photo, but that would require that I remember to charge my camera’s battery… The heat makes me a bit of a mess, ok?)

Anyway, I was in the store today and found two really really exciting things – new patterns from some of my favourite designers.

First up, we have a brand spanking new book from our ex-pat, Emily Wessel, entitled Handmade in the UK. Emily always comes up with elegant and cheerful designs. While she seems to be working more exotic yarns now that she is overseas, any of our staff can easily help you pick a good substitute.



My favourite designs so far are Bonny and Vivid.



The other pleasant surprise was a whole stack of patterns from Julie Hoover, one of my all-time favourite designers when it comes to simple, clean, timeless designs. We now have copies of Frontenac, Doux, Garance and Becot, as well as more copies of Insouciant, Chaleur and Decouverte.

Out of the new batch, Garance is definitely the group favourite.


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