• New From Blue Sky

There is something great about kiddie knitting in the summer. It makes me feel accomplished, even if my knitting time is down, because a wee version often knits up in no time. Without further adieu here are 3 new kiddie patterns from Blue Sky!

First up is the Cameron Hoodie. This little cutie is done in the Worsted Cotton, my very favorite of all the cottons. You can do a shorter hoody/vest or with a little added length it becomes an adorable dress over tights.

Next up is the Harriet Dress in skinny cotton. There is a wide range of colors in skinny cotton so you can take a subdued mauve route or go with bold pinks and teals. This yarn is super hard wearing so your little one can go nuts in this dress! Weather you are rolling around on the beach or taking a walk through the woods, she will look fabulous.

Lastly, my personal fave: Beatrice. Also done in skinny cotton, this top is an excellent wardrobe addition, perfect to throw on over a dress or jeans for the cooler nights that late summer brings. Which little cutie will you be knitting?

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