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Far Away and Back Again ::: Emily Wessel of Tin Can Knits visits Urban Yarns this October

Emily and I (the designers behind Tin Can Knits) met and got their start designing while working at Urban Yarns back in 2009!   Just four years later, we have published 4 collections of popular knitting patterns, and Emily now lives across the pond in Edinburgh, Scotland… the land of haggis, men in kilts (they really do wear them), and year-round sweater weather!

trunk show and book signing … the last stop on her west coast tour

Emily seldom has the chance to visit, but this October she is going on tour – catching some sun in LA, then traveling up the west coast in time to attend Knit City and to visit her old haunts in Vancouver!  Urban Yarns is excited to be hosting a trunk show and book signing featuring her latest book, Handmade in the UK on Friday, October 25th, from 6-8pm, at the Point Grey location (4437 West 10 Avenue). {map}

pop blanket classes ::: get all the tips direct from the designer <subtitle>

Emily is bringing the adorable Pop blanket with her – book now to learn all the techniques from the designer herself!  Classes will be run at the North Van and Point Grey shops on Oct 21st and 22nd.  Click here for more info and call 604-228-1122 to book now.

intensive shawl design workshop ::: bring your design ideas to life <subtitle>

After what is sure to be a hectic weekend of stash enhancement at Knit City, Emily is back at Urban yarns on Sunday November 3rd, for an all-day intensive shawl design course.  Bring some beautiful yarn, your favourite stitch patterns, and a willingness to try new things, and she reveal her own inspirations, and guide you as you bring your ideas to life in lace!  Click here for more info and call 604-228-1122 to book now.

a bit more about the latest book ::: handmade in the UK

Emily’s latest book, Handmade in the UK, was inspired by her new, romantic surroundings.  These lace designs are inspired by her newcomer’s perspective on the historic urbanity and romantic countryside of her new home.  From the irrepressibly floral motifs that bloom on the Botany shawl and the Lush cardigan, to the crisp architectural lines and geometric patterns of the Bonny top and the Winding Way socks, to the water and landscape motifs of the Windswept pullover and Estuary shawl which take their inspiration from the wild landscapes of Scotland – this collection is has a wealth of interesting lace designs!

join us ::: trunk show, designer talk, and book signing ::: Friday Oct 25th <subtitle>

Come down and say hello, meet Emily and Alexa, try on the beautiful samples, and pick out the perfect combination of hand-dyed luxury + lace pattern at the Trunk Show on October 25th, from 6 – 8 pm.  And be sure to bring your friends… (a little birdy told me that parties put on by Urban Yarns owners Anina and Jan are not to be missed!!!)

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