• Kickin’ It Up a Notch

I have not always been a fan of the yarns put out by Debbie Bliss. Well, that’s not quite true. I love working with her yarns, but in general, the colours have left me feeling a bit… meh. I mean, I am a huge advocate of Bright! Colours! when knitting for babies and infants, and Debbie is know for some absolutely fantastic baby patterns, so I have always been left wishing that she would just step away from the pastels and punch up the colour.

Well, was I ever pleasantly surprised this week! In addition to a new magazine with some great patterns, I came nose to skein with some brilliant, deep, rich, engaging, colour!


In particular, there are some new colours of Rialto DK (and a snap of one of my favourite patterns in the magazine, but you’ll have to come check that out in person to see more),


Rialto DK

Rialto Aran,


and, some Baby Cashmerino!


Now, we have obviously kept some subtle tones, but hot-diggity, we have some great punchy colours to work with! Now, go forth a swaddle a new baby in some of the royal purple, oceanic blue, jade green (the colour of the year, still!), and that stunning goldenrod.

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