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There is something so nice about a day of hearts. While it can get a little hallmark-ish I try to boil it down to the good intentions of the day: expressing your love to those who mean the most to you. Being a rather un-romantic individual I’ve never made to much of the day but I do like to make something nice for my hubby just to show I care. This year will be even less romantic for me, but I’m sure in love with my new baby, it certainly marks a different phase.

If you are trying to find the perfect gift for that special someone, there is nothing more heartfelt than a handknit gift. While my hubby is wary of complimenting my knitted items, lest I knit him a complete outfit or something crazy like that, he really loves the cashmere toque I knit him a few years ago. It’s the only knitted thing he will wear but he wears it with pride! It’s a pretty dull knit, or it would be if is weren’t cashmere! I knit Devon’s Toque, the pattern that comes with every skein of Handmaiden Cashmere. If anything could turn someone into a knitting fan, it’s cashmere. Even men are susceptable to it’s powers. If you’re trying to win someone over with your knitting I recommend this project.


If you are looking for a pretty hat for yourself, or a special lady in your life, check out Amanda’s latest pattern the Heart Hat. It’s got a little heart shaped lace and my personal fave: the pompom. It’s made in a fabulous yarn too, Pear Tree 10 ply. This yarn is unbelievably soft merino. I mean it, in a blind test I would have definitely guessed cashmere or perhaps alpaca, it is soooo soft. Slouch hat’s are all the rage, I’m thinking I might make mine in grey….

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