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Go Canadian for Canada Day

Thursday, June 28th, 2012

There are so many great Canadian yarn dyers and pattern makers that it’s not too hard to go Canadian for Canada Day. If you haven’t tried any of the following I encourage you to support your countrymen and countrywomen!

1. Biscotte and Cie: we shall start with the newest, Biscotte and Cie. These self striping yarns from Quebec will make an adorable baby sweater or a funky pair of socks!

2. SweetGeorgia: always a favorite of mine pick up a luscious skein of Merino Silk Lace or CashSilk lace and knit up a summery shawl for those cool nights. img_4448

3. Me!: I can’t say enough about how great I am really ;-) There are Gourmet Crafter patterns and yarn as well as Tin Can Knits book 9 Months of Knitting! Gourmet Crafter yarn is inspired by photographs I have taken of the world around me. Whether it’s Moraine Lake in the Rockies or Cherry Blossoms on Highbury street!


4. Amanda Kaffka: a popular gal around the shop, check out Amanda’s chic and trendy knits. Here latest Jenny wrap is a summery striped version, perfect for a night out!

5. Michael Wynne: If you are looking for the perfect heirloom baby blanket check out Michael’s Hap Style. It has the perfect combination of simple garter and pretty lace to create a blanket any mum would be delighted to receive.

Party Time!

Thursday, March 29th, 2012

That’s right, it’s time to pull an all nighter people, Tiny Owl Knits party is tomorrow! I’ll be working on my little Bee-Keeper Cushion to the last minute even though I happen to know a few knitters will be attired in multiple items. Feel free to bring your WIP’s along, I might be joining you….


Kynna has finished her pretty legwarmers. I thought for some reason she had knit them in the Berocco Ultra Alpaca but of course she knit them in the luxurious Pear Tree Yarns.


Amanda added to her beautiful Oh My Bear with a cute little pair of Rosie Wristlettes. She crocheted these in Rowan Cocoon, Debbie Bliss Angel and Sublime Baby Cashmere Merino Silk DK (along with a couple of odds and ends for the leaves).

Party is tomorrow at 6:30 and there will be cookies and tea as usual! See you there!

Hey Girl….

Saturday, February 25th, 2012

This one had us rolling in the isles this Friday (thanks for sending it my way Em):

Ryan Gosling

There is just something about a cute boy who appreciates knitting prowess, a charming combination in my opinion! I think Ryan Gosling has a point though, the Honey Cowl is a great knit (and I wish mine hadn’t been a gift or I WOULD rock a Honey Cowl like no one else!). It seems as though everyone has knit at least one of these lovely textured cowls and there is always at least one hanging around the shop.


Kynna seems to be permanently attached to her Glazed Pecan Tosh DK version (and I can’t say I blame her). Amanda’s Fathom Tosh Merino DK version seems to be watching me all day, begging me to knit another one… I’ve seen electric green versions, deep reds, variegated, kettle dyed, and solid versions. Longer ones, shorter ones, you name it, it has walked through the doors of Urban Yarns! About 450 yards of DK weight yarn is all you need to get started.

December 4th – Heading to the Rink

Sunday, December 4th, 2011

I haven’t done too much ice skating in my day (although I do feel it’s kind of my duty as a Canadian to know how). Somehow Amanda’s pretty Owlie Headband makes me want to jump in the car and head to one of the local mountains for some romantic skating. I picture snowflakes and hand holding and some hot chocolate afterward.


This darling accessory is knit in Blue Sky Alpacas Suri Merino, a soft luxurious yarn that comes in many pretty shades to showcase an owl of your own!

Vancouver Sky Line

Friday, September 23rd, 2011


There is always something striking about a city’s skyline. Right away you look for certain features, bridges, hills, buildings, landmarks. Each city is unique, Vancouver included. Looking out from Stanley park into downtown Vancouver there is no mistaking our city and it’s landmarks, I always look for the sails. .


Amanda has captured the skyline in a gorgeous cashmere cowl! The cowl is made with 3 colours of Gourmet Crafter Cashmere, Whale Watching for the sky, Vancouver Sky for the buildings, and Backyard Greens for a bright pop. Not only has she designed this lovely cowl but she’s also turned it into a kit, with all the yarn you will need as well as the pattern.


Pigs Three Ways

Tuesday, July 19th, 2011


A novel but fantastic idea: a knitted toy in a bulky weight yarn! While the original pattern called for a worsted weight yarn (about 18 stitches per 4 inches) but ingeneous Amanda knit up these three adorable little (a relative term) pigs in Spud and Chloe Outer.


I quite like the idea of a bulky weight toy, it’s so quick and they look so very fantastic. I have balked at the idea of knitting toys in the past because of the tiny needles and yarn but no more! Worsted and Bulky weight toys are making a serge and I’m on board! They are bulky, true, but the pattern so nicely compliments the yarn because, well, pigs are a bit of a bulky animal. Especially the pigs that fly!


The pattern is Oink by Susan B Anderson. In case you haven’t heard of her, she is the lovely woman behind the Spud and Chloe designs. She designed the Spud and Chloe book as well, Spud and Chloe at the Farm, an adorable collection of knitted farm animals and accessories in all three yarns, Fine (sock), Sweater (worsted), and Outer (bulky)

The Most Beautiful Gloves in the World

Thursday, May 19th, 2011


I was perusing my friends activity on Ravelry yesterday (feeling a bit like a knitting stalker) and what should I come across but the most beautiful fingerless gloves in the world. Amanda always knows just the patterns that will come out looking as if they were straight out of an Anthropologie catalog. The pattern is Sweet Robin Wrist-ees by Tiny Owl Knits

These mittens are a little intense but I think the effort is well worth it. Amanda used intarsia for the bird and nest but this pattern also calls for details added after the glove has been knit. The eggs and nest details are added afterward. A fair bit of technique for a small project but I think small projects are the best way to learn something.


The combinations of colours add so much depth to the project and Amanda’s colour combo came out amazing. It’s sometimes hard to find all the colours you are looking for in one yarn for a project like this but Amanda was thinking outside the box and picked out sock weight yarn in several different yarn brands. The result is fabulous.

Reminder: Margaret Radcliffe classes are coming up next week so snag one of the few spots left! (you can read more about Margaret here)

Brooklyn Tweed KAL Update: I have cast on my Rock Island. Hunter threw up on the first 6 repeats of the outer lace chart. I’m chugging away so I can finish the outer lace chart and clean it. Of all the places Hunter…..

Oh The Cowls You’ll Make

Thursday, February 24th, 2011

I know, I know, cowl crazy right? There are just so many promising yarn combinations, colour combinations, and patterns to choose from! The best thing about a trunk show is seeing the finished garments IN PERSON. A photo is great but there’s nothing better than trying something on. This doesn’t mean that mine will turn out exactly the same, especially as I freely substitute yarns, but it does offer some great inspiration. Amanda, Kynna, and Anina have been cowling (just made that word up, I think it’s a keeper) away and here are a 2 of their FO’s from Cowl Girl Knits.


Amanda’s Eyelet Cowl: This cowl was made with Mirasol Qina, Tilli Tomas Mega Skein, and Alchemy Juniper. This is quite the beautiful yarn cocktail! Tilli Tomas is always a knitters little luxury, the colours are stunning with just a slight variegation. The Qina is a super soft yarn, my daughter has a whole sweater in it and it’s warm and wonderful. The Alchemy Juniper is one of my latest obsessions, it’s soft and stretchy and Alchemy’s colour pallette is the stuff dreams are made of. I’ll be picking up a couple of skeins for some luxurios socks tomorrow!


Kynna’s High Contrast: Kynna knit this little beauty up in Luxury Alpaca. The key to making this cowl really work is (as the name suggests) the contrast between colours. If you were to use colours that were closer together in shade or intensity it just wouldn’t have the same effect. Choose wisely! The original pattern calls for the Classic Elite Ariosa, which we do carry in some beautiful colours, but having felt Kynna’s cowl, I think I would make mine in the alpaca too!

Mohair and Slouchy Hats

Monday, February 14th, 2011


There is something about combining yarns of different fibers that is just so much fun. The combination of a solid and a hand dye, or even two different solids often makes the yarn come alive. Both Kynna and Amanda have knit up a great slouchy hat (pattern is free here) using 2 different yarns held together and the effect is amazing! I am especially smitten with the mohair in the mix, there are a few new mohairs around the shop so there are a lot to choose from. This hat calls for lace weight to be combined with the mohair which makes for some stunning options.



Amanda went with a slightly more subtle combination of Malabrigo Lace and the newest mohair around the shop, Debbie Bliss Angel (pictured above), a silk mohair combination. I think the hat is gorgeous of course, slouchy being all the rage. The mohair gives off a beautiful halo but it’s not quite as fuzzy as, say, an angora. If you’re looking for another solid mohair we’ve also got Shibui’s Silk Cloud. This one has a slightly higher silk content giving it a nice shine in addition to the mohair halo.


Kynna went with a bolder colour combination and a self striping lace. The lace is Zauberball, a very cool yarn, it comes in sock and lace weights and a absolutely LOVE the way it stripes up. For this hat 2 strands of the lace are held together, so instead of striping the Zauberball has a wonderful depth of colour. There are really 3 different greens coming through at any given time, how wonderful. It’s not even so much a stripe as it moves from one colour or shade to the next. The mohair is a hand dye from Alchemy called Haiku. The emerald combo is to dye for, well chosen Kynna!


Valentines Knits

Friday, February 11th, 2011


There is something so nice about a day of hearts. While it can get a little hallmark-ish I try to boil it down to the good intentions of the day: expressing your love to those who mean the most to you. Being a rather un-romantic individual I’ve never made to much of the day but I do like to make something nice for my hubby just to show I care. This year will be even less romantic for me, but I’m sure in love with my new baby, it certainly marks a different phase.

If you are trying to find the perfect gift for that special someone, there is nothing more heartfelt than a handknit gift. While my hubby is wary of complimenting my knitted items, lest I knit him a complete outfit or something crazy like that, he really loves the cashmere toque I knit him a few years ago. It’s the only knitted thing he will wear but he wears it with pride! It’s a pretty dull knit, or it would be if is weren’t cashmere! I knit Devon’s Toque, the pattern that comes with every skein of Handmaiden Cashmere. If anything could turn someone into a knitting fan, it’s cashmere. Even men are susceptable to it’s powers. If you’re trying to win someone over with your knitting I recommend this project.


If you are looking for a pretty hat for yourself, or a special lady in your life, check out Amanda’s latest pattern the Heart Hat. It’s got a little heart shaped lace and my personal fave: the pompom. It’s made in a fabulous yarn too, Pear Tree 10 ply. This yarn is unbelievably soft merino. I mean it, in a blind test I would have definitely guessed cashmere or perhaps alpaca, it is soooo soft. Slouch hat’s are all the rage, I’m thinking I might make mine in grey….