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Friday, October 7th, 2011

Anina just finished up another pretty project from Stephen West: Clockwork.


A lovely Stephen West knit has to have a great colour combination. I’ve seen some beautiful SW shawls done in a monochrome fashion, a soft grey with a smokey charcoal, or a burgundy and a red. But what I go for is some serious contrast. Something bright with something a little more toned down. Black and hot pink anyone? Alright, my current neon craziness aside…. 2 skeins of sock yarn is all you need so go nuts and express yourself!

Anina knit her clockwork out of Handmaiden Mini Maiden, a yarn I’ve worked in and enjoyed many times before. Come on in and check it out!

Happy Canada Day!

Friday, July 1st, 2011

Maple Leaf Mittens

Time to pick up some red and white  yarn and knit yourself up something Canadian! I am personally proud to be a Canadian and I’m pretty excited for baby Hunter’s first Canada day. She will be appropriately clad in red and white and waving a flag (while mummy makes sure she doesn’t poke herself in the eye with it….) today.

There is something fantastically unique about our flag, it stands out distinctively on an encyclopedia page and the symbol of the maple leaf is easily recognizable around the world. On the knitting scene there are many fantastic Canadian designers and dyers so perhaps today you might want to check out their work.

1. Fleece Artist and Handmaiden yarn, dyed in Nova Scotia for your knitting pleasure. Fleece Artist and Handmaiden are lovely hand dyed yarns that come in a wide variety of colours and fibers.

2. SweetGeorgia, dyed in Vancouver. Felicia is (obviously) one of my very favorite dyers and her ‘Unapologetic Colour’ is stunning both in the skein and on the needles.

3. Koigu handpainted sock yarn. This yarn hails from Ontario and has long been a favorite. Be sure to check out the Babette blanket in the shop, all Koigu and stunning!

4. Gourmet Crafter Yarns. This is my own line of yarns with colourways based on photographs I have taken around town. Perhaps some Davie Street or Granville Island Cherries to make you feel Canadian!

New Talent

Thursday, March 31st, 2011


You may have noticed a charming new face around the shop lately, it’s Ann! I’ve known Ann for some time now, she’s been in the shop and a knit night regular I look forward to seeing every week. Recently we convinced Ann she should come on board and join the UY team! Ann is very talented knitter always eager to learn a new technique or take on a challenging project. She has great taste in colours and projects (if you ask me) so be sure to find out what she’s working on if you see her.


Ann has knit many things but I think my faves are her wedding shrug and her Reindeer sweater. The wedding shrug is simple in construction but with a lot of detailed lace. I recall many knit nights of working on this shrug and I LOVE the photographs of the finished product. Ann knit this beauty up in Handmaiden Silk Lace, a 100% silk yarn with a generous 984 yards per skein. The pattern is the Sugarplum Shrug.


The Reindeer sweater is how Ann and I met, she took a lesson with me on how to do intarsia for the reindeer. She is a more diligent knitter than I though, so her sweater is actually done. She knit it up in Cascade Eco, the same yarn Kynna is using. (Kynna and I are still working on our reindeers…..). Ann’s colour choices are great and the well blocked finished product is fantastic!


I highly recommend that you check out Ann’s blog, the photography is fantastic and she always has a new project on the go or an interesting knitterly observation. Glad to have you with us Ann!

Valentines Knits

Friday, February 11th, 2011


There is something so nice about a day of hearts. While it can get a little hallmark-ish I try to boil it down to the good intentions of the day: expressing your love to those who mean the most to you. Being a rather un-romantic individual I’ve never made to much of the day but I do like to make something nice for my hubby just to show I care. This year will be even less romantic for me, but I’m sure in love with my new baby, it certainly marks a different phase.

If you are trying to find the perfect gift for that special someone, there is nothing more heartfelt than a handknit gift. While my hubby is wary of complimenting my knitted items, lest I knit him a complete outfit or something crazy like that, he really loves the cashmere toque I knit him a few years ago. It’s the only knitted thing he will wear but he wears it with pride! It’s a pretty dull knit, or it would be if is weren’t cashmere! I knit Devon’s Toque, the pattern that comes with every skein of Handmaiden Cashmere. If anything could turn someone into a knitting fan, it’s cashmere. Even men are susceptable to it’s powers. If you’re trying to win someone over with your knitting I recommend this project.


If you are looking for a pretty hat for yourself, or a special lady in your life, check out Amanda’s latest pattern the Heart Hat. It’s got a little heart shaped lace and my personal fave: the pompom. It’s made in a fabulous yarn too, Pear Tree 10 ply. This yarn is unbelievably soft merino. I mean it, in a blind test I would have definitely guessed cashmere or perhaps alpaca, it is soooo soft. Slouch hat’s are all the rage, I’m thinking I might make mine in grey….