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I am lucky enough to know many talented knitters and I often have the opportunity to pick up some great tricks of the trade from them. There are so many little pieces of advice that can make a project flow more smoothly. Most of the time I’m very willing to try something new and different. I’ll just whip out some needles and yarn and give a new technique a whirl. Unfortunately there are other times I think to myself, yeah, yeah, the way I’m doing it is fine, why fix what ain’t broke? This has been the case when a few people have given me a trick for a nice join when working in the round.

My old way of doing things was to just knit into the first stitch I cast on when joining for working in the round. This would leave a small gap but i would just sew up this gap when I went to weave in my tail. Works every time, why get fancy? Right? Wrong. I finally gave in and tried a different method:

Cast on 1 extra stitch

Transfer this stitch to your left hand needle.

Knit the first 2 stitches together (that’s the extra stitch you cast on and the first stitch of the round together)

Simple right? It’s easy, it makes a flawless join, what more could anyone want? Now it’s the only way I cast on for knitting in the round. So, I pass this small piece of wisdom on to you, give it a try next time you cast on anything circular and be amazed at the difference.

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One Response to “Tip of the Day”

  1. Laura says:

    Neat-o! My method for starting in the round is to cast on an extra and then cast it off after I’ve knit the first stitch but this leaves a little blip in the knitting. I think k2 tog will be less noticeable, thanks for the tip!