• A La Amanda

I may have mentioned this before but Amanda is the type of gal who breezes into work wearing a crazy mish-mash of styles that look elegant and coordinated at all times. I swear if I put the same thing on it would look awful, but Amanda knows just how to pull it off. Her latest scarf is no exception to her sense of style. When I came to knit night last week it was in a heap on the back table but even in this haphazard manor, I knew I wanted to knit it!

While it seems upon first glance to be a simple coordination of stripes (my current fave), stockinette, and yummy soft yarn, it’s more than that. Mihaly (and no I do not know how to pronounce it) is knit on the bias, giving the stripes an added element. The yarn is Diamond Luxury Alpaca Viva and it is just lovely, so soft and sumptuous. Amanda has paired the perfect combination of colors, in my opinion, and I think I might have to knit it exactly the same! There is a kit for both the scarf and the shawl, or you can mix your own color combo!

One Response to “A La Amanda”

  1. Daphne Harwood says:

    Hi Amanda,

    When would be a good time to come in to ask you my knitting question?
    I left you a note last week.
    Knowing you are Much In Demand, I will soon start to feel shy about pressing you any further.

    I want to know if there IS a way of extending a sleeve length from below [the cast on row] so that it doesn’t look like a pickup job.