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Sunday, October 28th, 2012

I know, I have a serious Tosh problem. Who could resist though? Washable yarns (mostly) in stunning subtle hand dyes? As a mum and a bit of a yarn snob is there a combination I could possibly like more?


Enter 2 new weights! We have Tosh Prairie, a 100% merino lace weight yarn with a generous 840 yards per skein. You could whip up a large shawl (or really 2 scarf sized shawls) with just one skein. The single ply is so nice for lace, it plumps (or blooms if you will) with washing and has a luxurious and soft feel.


Next up is Pashmina Worsted. This is perfect for a great hat for that special someone. It has a hint of cashmere and silk to it and of course, it comes in great Tosh colours! We have the sport weight Pashmina as well if you are looking for a thinner version with the same great blend of fibers.

Tiny Forest

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2012

There’s something new from Tiny Owl Knits: The Woodsy Association. In her usual whimsical fashion TOK has created a whole forest of wrist warmers. Their little tails are clearly the best part!


It’s been a while since our Tiny Owl Knits KAL and I bet Amanda already has a couple of pairs of these bad boys on the needles. A little sock yarn will go a long way with these, they are a petite knit and I’m guessing they are pretty addictive. This pattern comes just in time to kick off that knitterly/crafting season that is fall. Knitters have to be on the ball to get a few things accomplished before December. Start now people!

A Little Cashmere

Tuesday, October 16th, 2012

Surprise! I love cashmere. It’s really hard not to love cashmere because it is buttery soft and has that lovely slight halo that only cashmere has. Just as I am starting to consider holiday knitting (that’s right, I didn’t start in August this year so I’m probably in trouble!) what should I spy on the counter? Lace weight cashmere of course!


The colours are deep and beautiful and of course, it’s softer than little Jones’ bum. 400 yards is perfect for a scarf sized shawl or a Simple Pleasures hat. The only problem is you definitely won’t want to give away cashmere!

Must Haves

Friday, October 12th, 2012

Every once in a while I come across a must have. This is an item that my wardrobe (and probably my mum’s wardrobe and cousin’s wardrobe, and my friend’s wardrobe….) just can’t do without. This knit is just such an item: the shawl collar cowl.


For those of you who have seen my designs, I’m a big fan of the shawl collar. It has a vintage yet modern flare that is kind of hipster-ish without being totally obnoxious. It looks good, it makes an item versatile, it’s just a good thing! This cowl combines everything I love about the shawl collar but combines it with the wonder of the cowl. Oh the speed of knitting, the instant gratification! Cast on a Shawl Collar cowl in some soft and sumptuous Techno from Blue Sky!


Wednesday, October 3rd, 2012


It’s been a while since the craziness that was the Koigu Babette Blanket has died down. It seemed for a while that everyone was carrying around multiple brightly coloured skeins of sock yarn and making little square after little square. What is the Babette you say? Well it is a stunning crocheted blanket (don’t roll your eyes, it’s super easy crochet!) and the vibrant colours were done by Koigu, a Canadian yarn dyer.


We recently received a new shipment of Koigu and there are colours galore! There is a whole tree of yarn at the front of the shop just waiting to inspire. We have the beautiful semi-solids as well as some crazy mixes. Perfect for a Big Bad Baby Blanket, a Sea to Sky Blanket, or a Babette if you are feeling blanket weather coming on! There is, of course, a million things to knit with a pretty skein or two of sock weight yarn so pick up some Koigu that inspires you the most!