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Peggy Sue

Monday, September 26th, 2011


More show and tell from a charming new addition to knit nights. Sheila dropped by a few weeks ago to share in some knitting fun and she was wearing a stunning blue cardigan. It has a lovely shape to it and some pretty cables to keep it fresh. She managed something I have yet to accomplish: a sweater that really fits me well. I find it a challenge to get the shaping just right to maximize flattering effects, well done Sheila!


The pattern is Peggy Sue by Linda Wilgus, a spring/summer short sleeved number that Sheila has done in Diamond Yarn Cantata. The yarn is 100% cotton and plied for good wear. This card will definitely make an appearance in springs and summers to come! The yarn is currently $10 for a bag of 10 so knit one up for yourself soon!

Vancouver Sky Line

Friday, September 23rd, 2011


There is always something striking about a city’s skyline. Right away you look for certain features, bridges, hills, buildings, landmarks. Each city is unique, Vancouver included. Looking out from Stanley park into downtown Vancouver there is no mistaking our city and it’s landmarks, I always look for the sails. .


Amanda has captured the skyline in a gorgeous cashmere cowl! The cowl is made with 3 colours of Gourmet Crafter Cashmere, Whale Watching for the sky, Vancouver Sky for the buildings, and Backyard Greens for a bright pop. Not only has she designed this lovely cowl but she’s also turned it into a kit, with all the yarn you will need as well as the pattern.



Tuesday, September 20th, 2011


I have a new obsession of late: mini versions of great sweaters. I’m not sure why but I really love dressing Hunter as a mini-adult rather than in baby clothes. This is not a style for all (and I have gotten a few comments to that effect) but I love it! So you can imagine my excitement when I cam across the Mini Manu cardigan!


I’ve been thinking about the Manu cardigan ever since I saw KT’s excellent felted tweed version while ago. The pleats, pockets, and i-cord bind are all pretty feminine features, perfect for my bald little baby who is always mistaken for a boy. I had also been eyeing up a couple of skeins of Madelinetosh DK in the colour way Cousteau so it was a match made in heaven!


My Mini Manu took 2 skeins and is the 18 month size. It is blocked and ready to go, as soon as Hunter grows a little more!  If you are loving the mini you might also want to try the Tiny Tea Leaves and the February Baby sweater (I know the baby one came first but there are both baby and adult versions in the world).


3, 2, 1, Blast Off!

Saturday, September 17th, 2011


After more than a year of designing, knitting, re-designing, re-knitting, testing, photographing, and writing, the time has come: Emily Wessel and Alexa Ludeman are proud to announce the launch of their first book! Emily and I started brainstorming a little over a year ago and and now we can see the fruits of our labour in person. Separately we are the Gourmet Crafter and Modern Lace but together we are Tin Can Knits and our first book is ‘Nine Months of Knitting’.


From striking lace and cables, to comforting knit and purl, 9 Months of Knitting has patterns for knitters of all levels. Baby legwarmers, hats, a cute cardigan, a hand-knitted undersea garden, and more; 9 Months is full of patterns with a refreshing blend of retro quirkiness and playful attitude. While the focus is definitely baby, there are some knits in there for the whole family, like the Hunter Hat and the Lumberjack Socks.


There will be a book launch party at Urban Yarns on Friday September 30th at 7pm so I do hope to see you all there! We will have books as well as individual patterns and you can see all the knits in person! To whet your appetite there is a free pattern from the book: our i heart rainbows hat. Knit up in sock weight yarn it looks great in a rainbow or in just 2 colours.


One Prolific Knitter

Tuesday, September 13th, 2011

Rock Island

It seems as though there is always a steady stream of new knitters coming through the yarn shop. Their enthusiasm is infectious and their curiosity is admirable. Unfortunately none of them will ever hold a candle to Marianela!



Marianela started knitting in September of last year (it’s coming up on her knitting anniversary!) and she already has 31 projects on Ravelry. These are not just garter stitch scarf projects either (not that there is anything wrong with that), these are some serious undertakings.

Vine Lace Shrug

Vine Lace Shrug

Moving steadily through her impressive knitting repertoire, she has gone from a standard first scarf, through cables, hats, garments, lace, and even a quirky clock! Marianela never shies away from a new technique or a challenge, this I’m sure of.


#35 Clock

My very favorite project of Marianela’s is her Tart Sapphire. Knit in Madelinetosh Merino DK, colourway tart. I love the pretty little pearly buttons. I think they give it a rather sophisticated look. The pattern is Sapphire by Hilary Smith Callis.



KAL Update and the Amazing Kynna

Friday, September 9th, 2011


Well, I’ve had more than a few weeks to get moving on my Ysolda Teague Knit Along project and I’m still only 20 rows in….this is a problem. It seems some motivation is in order so: Party time! The first Friday in October, (the 7th) will be our official Ysolda Teague KAL party day. There will be tea and cookies, photos, and most importantly: show and tell!


Kynna has already finished one of what seems to be an endless supply of Ysolda knits: her Ishbel. I’ve knit this pretty little shawl twice, both times using some Handmaiden Casbah, a soft and gorgeously coloured sock yarn. It’s rare to say, but I just might make yet another some time soon, the results were just that good. Kynna knit her pretty little Ishbel (which she has aptly named Woodland Nymph) out of Fleece Artist Merino 2/6 held doubled. Doubling the yarn makes for a thicker and slightly larger shawl.

Hope to see you all on the 7th!

Show and Tell

Tuesday, September 6th, 2011


My very favorite thing about working in a yarn store has to be the show and tell. The stunning and unique finished projects that come through the doors never cease to amaze and inspire. It is a very special treat to see (or at least see photos of) a finished object that I happen to be working on at the moment! This pretty Larch cardigan came through the doors in exactly the yarn I’m working in too! Kynna immediately offered to model and grabbed her camera.


This beauty comes to us care of Aliza, a knitter whose shear number of sweaterly accomplishments has me in awe! Her Larch (like mine) is knit in Madelinetosh DK yarn in the deep and lovely colour of Cousteau. I’m liking the yarn so far, it’s a smidge thicker than the original but I think it’s going to work anyways. Aliza has noted that a good blocking gave her sweater a nice drape so I’m pretty excited.


To read more of Aliza’s tips and to grab any further details you can check out her ‘Diving into Larch‘ project on Ravelry.

A Shawl to Remember

Friday, September 2nd, 2011


Felicia of SweetGeorgia recently said ‘I do’ in the most stunning shawl. She had an interesting journey to the finished product (you can read more about that on her blog here) and it was well worth whatever swatches and debates she may have had.  Not only is the yarn luscious, and the pattern is so popular for good reason,  but the colour is one she was able to make just for herself. It got me thinking about the many wedding projects I have seen come and go at Urban Yarns and how wonderful it is to have a knit for such a unique and special occasion as a wedding.


Shawls are definitely the obvious choice for a wedding (although we all remember Ann’s stunning shrug, so shawls are certainly not the only choice). As an accent piece they are perfect if you are the bride to be, a wedding party member, or even a guest. The thing I love the most about Felicia’s shawl has to be the beautiful bright colour. It may be tempting to go with more of a neutral but something cheery and bright in the sun lends a festive feel for sure.


Felicia’s shawl is a Swallowtail by Evelyn Clark. The yarn is her lovely Merino Silk Lace. This colourway is a one of a kind but I’m sure there is a colour suitable to you in the shop!

All the pretty photos here were taken by Jeff Chang, Felicia’s wedding photographer!