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Juniper Moon Herriot and the Ida Mae Wrap

Wednesday, March 12th, 2014

Sometime this past Fall, we brought in a few yarn lines from Juniper Moon. One of these lines is their 100%, worsted weight baby alpaca, Herriot. Herriot comes in a range of natural, neutral colours and is just divinely buttery to the touch (and I don’t even like working with alpaca, as you may know.

Well, Juniper Moon also offers patterns along with their yarns and we got Jan’s Mom to work up a sample of Ida Mae, an indulgently large, ombre wrap. And it turned out FANTASTIC. I don’t wanna ruin all her lovely handiwork by talking on and on, but this pattern is just stunning. It *is* heavy, which makes for a perfect winter wrap/blanket, and would look awesome with a belt. For now, take a looksie at the photos, and come on down to check out the yarn. Yarn and pattern are both available in-store and online. And if you ask really nice, I think the sample is still hidden away in the back room at Point Grey…