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Friday, March 29th, 2013

I mainly find knitting inspiration from a pattern. It’s usually the lines, textures, cables, lace, construction, simplicity (the list is endless), that makes me pick up the needles, poke through the stash, and eventually get some new yarn and get knitting. While I love to create patterns myself, I DO knit from other designers and I so love to peruse the books, binders, and Ravelry of course, to gather some inspiration.

Every once in a while though I come across a color or yarn that is so fabulous I have to have it, pattern or no pattern! The color itself is the inspiration. This color in particular is CRAZY. It’s Torchere, a new color from Madelinetosh. When I first saw it at knit night I had to discuss it with others. They did not all agree that it was somehow charming and awesome at the same time. It was bright and flashy and will be hard to photograph, and I have been thinking about it ever since. That’s two weeks of Torchere obsession! I will be heading our to Urban Yarns for our KAL party next Friday (the 5th in case you forgot) and I will be coming home with some Torchere. Definitely.

Which brings me to my question: what colors inspire you? Are you a rainbow loving gal like Kynna? More of a subtle earthy palette? Perhaps you are smitten with Torchere as well?

All about colour

Monday, March 25th, 2013

As you may or may not know, most of us at the shop are somewhat avid fans of Stephen West’s work. His designs have such a sense of whimsy, and yet are entirely wearable (and many of them, thankfully unisex!) It was no surprise to find Anina knitting up one of his latest designs, Kvosin, which is from the ever so poignantly named ‘Westy’s Besties‘ KAl collection he’s put out on Ravelry.


Anina substituted the Harrisville Designs New England Shetland, and I think her colour choice was fantastic.


And there’s the slightly more masculine version, sampled from the pattern library on Ravelry.

In other news, we are now offering a tough to name, colour control system. A picture will help.

Dual Colour Control

Each cake of yarn sits on a spinning base, allowing you to knit stranded colourwork while helping to keep your yarns from getting tangled and snarled together. These are made custom by a local artist, and the last time I checked we only had the one available for display, but you can custom-order them from the shop (call, e-mail, come by and visit if you would like more information). This is a really simple, elegant device – I know I’ll be thinking about it when I start planning my next colourwork project!

Dual Colour Control

Hippity Hoppity

Saturday, March 23rd, 2013

That’s right, Easter is on it’s way! Last year I knit up a bunch of little eggs with some pastel scraps and put them in a wee knitted nest, based on this pattern:

Sparrow's Nest from the Purlbee

They were a great hit, with stripes and patterns and beautiful solids. I used Blue Sky Alpacas Silk, which has a wonderful array of spring-y shades. It’s safe to hide them in lieu of chocolate if you have dogs around.

This year I am thinking about bunnies. I am thinking about a Peter Rabbit-esque bunny in particular. Maybe with a blue sweater…..and little shoes…..and a carrot….this is spiraling out of control already!  I grew up with those adorable little Beatrix Potter books, fearing Mr. McGregor’s garden and rooting for that rascal, Peter. I can’t wait to read them to Hunter and Jones too!

Baylin Bunny by Allison Cleaver

Once I finish a bunny for Hunter (who would probably much rather have chocolate, but will undoubtedly appreciate my efforts later in  life), it will have to be an Easter sweater for wee Jones. Perhaps a blue sweater….with brass buttons…..

TCK KAL and a new pattern: Lush!

Monday, March 18th, 2013

So I’m probably they worst scheduler of all time. It turns out that March 29th is actually Good Friday, so we shall have to get together to show off finished Tin Can Knits items on April 5th. Last move, promise!

As some of you may know, my design partner Emily has been diligently working on a new lace collection: Handmade in the UK. Emily got her start in designing with the Photosynthesis shawl and has been thinking lace ever since. Handmade in the UK will have 9 patterns including 3 garments, all with a dose of lace, it will be released in early May. By popular demand she has decided to release her Lush cardigan pattern early!

Since I am Emily’s biggest fan I knit up a little Lush cardi for Hunter and we took a walk on the beach so I could snap some photos. Lush is knit in a DK- light worsted weight yarn (I used SweetGeorgia superwash dk) and has an interesting (but not too difficult) construction. Hunter’s wee sweater knit up nice and quick. You can find the single patterns at Urban Yarns, it’s just the yarn you will have to decide on!


Monday, March 18th, 2013

What did I tell you, Anina cranked that little sweater out like nobody’s business! And it’s just so cute!

Baby Wrap

Also, this is for all the spinners and felters out there. We’ve got a small stash of various rovings in some gorgeous colours. Cost, quantity, and fibre type vary by bag, so you’ll just have to come check these goodies out for yourself!



New Patterns from Churchmouse

Wednesday, March 13th, 2013

Happy day! We got in a shipment of the newest pattern collection from Churchmouse down in Washington!

Their designs are always favourites and immediate go-to choices at the store, and I’m sure these will be no different. It doesn’t hurt that they are all adorable baby patterns…

So, without further ado, the latest Churchmouse design collection… Wee Ones!


Above is the Baby Wrap Sweater, Garter Blocks Baby Blanket, Picot Edge Baby Blanket & Washcloth, and the Easy Peasy Baby Jacket.

Of course, Anina couldn’t resist casting on… It’s the Wrap sweater in one of the many stunning colours of Koigu.


The Latest From Knitty

Monday, March 11th, 2013

I’m a little behind the eight ball since the latest issue of Knitty actually came out last week but I thought I’d give it a review anyways!

Easy as Pi

Easy as Pi

First up is my favorite pattern in the issue. Why you ask? Rainbows! As soon as I see something made with rainbows my knitting wheels start turning. What yarn would I choose that has this wild array of colors? Would I go with a traditional rainbow? Something more subtly? Perhaps just an array of blues? Berry colors? A sunny blanket of yellows and oranges? The possibilities are mind boggling. The thing about blanket knitting is that blankets are large. Often the largest thing your average knitter will make. Since they are so large they do take up a whole lot of yarn so something affordable is always good. The pattern actually calls for Sirdar Snuggly Baby Bamboo, a yarn we carry in more than one rainbow at a great price.

Grey Gardens

Grey Gardens

Next up is something a little different. Knitty seams to have one pattern that doesn’t really fit into any category. It’s something interesting, and usually something I wouldn’t have thought of. This issue it’s Grey Gardens. It’s a cross between a headband and a hat, it has entrelac and what appears to be a twist. A marvel of knitting construction!



Knitty always has my favorite sock patterns. I don’t know how they do it but they manage to choose just the sock patterns I would. It’s like their in my sock knitting brain. I loved the Paper Moon Socks as well as the Tootsie socks, both have that special something that makes me want to check my stash of sock yarn and cast on! The Slipstream socks in this issue had that exact same quality. I don’t know if its the allure of the slip stitch or the call of the Malabrigo sock yarn, but they definitely caused a double take. I always look for a Knitty pattern whenever I see that irresistible skein of sock (new colors of Madelinetosh sock, I’m looking at you!).

Let’s Talk Socks

Tuesday, March 5th, 2013

There is something about hand knit socks that creates a divide in the world of knitting. While it’s not impossible to have mixed feelings about socks, it certainly seems rare. People either love or hate socks. There is either always a pair on the needles or never. I can’t understand how something so small could be so polarizing!

So if you haven’t weighed in on socks it might be time to make your first pair and find out where you stand. If you like to take a class for new things (I know I do) Jackie is teaching a sock bootcamp, learn to work double pointed needles, turn a heel, pick up stitches, and shape a toe, all in just 3 hours! Next ones are March 9th and April 13th so sign up soon.



If you are looking to try your first pair of socks solo the Lumberjack socks are done in a DK weight for a quicker knit. Simple ribbing and cuff down construction make these a simple first pair.

Rushing Tide Socks

Rushing Tide Socks

For the advanced sock knitter, why not something a little wild? Felicia, otherwise known as SweetGeorgia, has a lovely new sock pattern, Rushing Tides. These pretty socks would be wonderful in pretty hand dye, it’s hard to picture them in anything but a sea green or ocean blue.

Tosh ReUp!

Tuesday, March 5th, 2013

Well, it’s been a Madelinetosh kind of week… In addition to a top-up of colours in the heavier weights, we now have lots of new colours of…

Madelinetosh Sock…


Madelinetosh Light…


and Madelinetosh Prairie.


Can you say yum?

When I was nabbing these photos, Alison showed me this absolutely gorgeous shawl she was knitting out of the Tosh Light. Dungeness has some really lovely features – slipped stitches and short rows give you the glory of colour without the work. Plus you get to knit the thing. Seriously pretty stuff… (and lots more Spring goodies for next week!)


Oh shoot, one more treat. The Spring Debbie Bliss and Interweave Knits are in. Enjoy.