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Baby Hat Time Again!

Monday, June 27th, 2011

It’s that time of year again,  time to pull out your 16 inch circular needles, your double points, and your purple yarn to put together some hats for a good cause.

Why purple you might be wondering? The period of purple crying is a phase where babies cry inconsolably and the hats are to raise awareness of shaken baby syndrome. You can drop off your hats at Urban Yarns and we will make sure they get to the hospitals.

I love knitting baby hats. I love it a lot more than Hunter enjoyed wearing them at first! Now she’s more accustomed to the hat and it hides her poor bald head from the elements, a practical baby knit, fantastic. If you are looking to knit a simple baby hat there are some great patterns out there. A quick one to check out is the Supernatural Stripes baby hat. Its knit up in worsted weight yarn (16-18 stitches per 4 inches) so it’ll finish right quick!

The pattern can be found for free through Ravelry here.


I’m feeling a bit more ambitious this year so I’m casting on for the following hats:

A Swirl Hat (pattern can be found for free through Ravelry here). Done in sock weight yarn (28 stitches per 4 inches)


And an Owlie Hat (pattern can be found for free through Ravelry here). Done in a worsted weight yarn (16-18 stitches per 4 inches)


New Spud and Chloe!

Thursday, June 23rd, 2011

4 little words I love to hear! I’m particularly excited about the newest colours from Spud and Chloe: some neutrals! I’ve started referring to baby Hunter as the Johnny Cash of babies because I kind of love dressing her in black. I was in a mad dash around town yesterday because she out grew her black zip up hoodie, I finally found one but I realized I would really need to find a great knitted hoodie pattern so this wouldn’t happen again! It’s not so easy to find baby things in black…..can’t imagine why…..

With my search for black yarn underway (not that it’s hard to find black, but how great is it when you find the colour you want in a yarn you like?) I was so pleased to find Spud and Chloe Sweater in Penguin!


Sweater in Penguin

With neutrals on the brain I was also pretty psyched to find some great new greys and whites as well! Allow me to introduce

Sweater in Beluga

Sweater in Beluga

Outer in Snow Day

Outer in Snow Day

Fine in Hippo

Fine in Hippo

Fine in Sidewalk

Fine in Sidewalk

I’m not only excited to knit up these colours for my little one, I think it’s great to add some more subdued colours for those grown ups who are looking for some more understated colours in a great washable yarn.

Brooklyn Tweed KAL update: 48 rows of garter to go……hmmmmm


Tuesday, June 21st, 2011


Kynna has been at it again! She has really become one of the most prolific knitters I know (she’s giving you a run for your money Amanda) and this Gretel hat is just lovely. The pattern is Gretel by Ysolda Teague, published in Stitch and Bitch Superstar Knitting and the yarn is Rowan Kid Classic. The pretty cables work their way up this little number culminating in a charming snowflake decrease at the top. It’s a great tam for a summer evening stroll.


Brooklyn Tweed KAL update: I have 50 decreasing garter stitch rows left to go! It was great to see all of the different Rock Islands at knit night on Friday. By popular demand we will have to postpone the Flood party, so many vacations, and a whisper of desire for a few more weeks of knitting time. The new party date is: Friday July 8th 6-9pm. See you all there with your Floodrific accomplishments!

This weekend was an important one for the ladies at Urban Yarns, it was the annual Ride to Conquer Cancer. Anina and Jan work hard all year to make this ride happen for the Urban Yarns team and to help raise money to cure cancer. They host parties, make calls, and ride their buns off! Congrats on another successful year ladies!

Our sale yarn this week is Debbie Bliss Como – 30% Off. Was $9.95, now $6.97


Knitting For the Boys

Friday, June 17th, 2011

I can’t honestly say I personally know very many male knitters. Really only one comes to mind. This is not to say that men couldn’t or shouldn’t knit, they absolutely can and should! I just don’t know that many myself. I think this might be one of the reasons there are so few mens knitting patterns out there. I’ve been brain storming some other reasons, but mostly they are brood generalizations about sweater curses and complaints about a lack of accessorization.

With fathers day around the corner I was trying to come up with some of my favorite mens patterns and books, there may still be time to whip up a toque (for those chilly summer nights). Without further ado:


Dave by Jane Ellison

1. Jane Ellison’s Queensland Collection Book 9 : I’ve gone to this well several times, making 2 vests and a sweater (that’s my dad modeling it at Christmas a couple of years ago). The patterns are simple and modern (not too bulky), what more could I ask for?

Habitat by Jared Flood

Habitat by Jared Flood

2. Jared Flood patterns: I couldn’t very well choose just one, there are many excellent mens patterns including three great hat patterns: Habitat, Koolhaus, and the Turn a Square hat.

Koolhaus by Jared Flood

Koolhaus by Jared Flood

Turn a Square by Jared Flood

Turn a Square by Jared Flood

3. Perhaps a pair of socks? Leyburn socks are a great pattern for a dude, not too much flair but a lovely simple textured pattern. I think socks are perfect for someone who is not that into wearing knitted items, but enjoys something warm and handmade.

Leyburn Socks

Leyburn Socks

4. If you are looking for something with a little more pizazz you might want to check out Stephen West, his triangular scarves/shawls are a great way to experiment with colour combinations and perhaps a Daybreak is just what dad needs!

Daybreak by Stephen West

Daybreak by Stephen West

Chirp Chirp

Tuesday, June 14th, 2011


Yesterday I was perusing patterns for a simple little knit for a baby shower. I wanted something smaller to add to a present that is already done (booties and a little sweater). Something to make the ladies go ‘Awwwwww’ but nothing that involved extensice knitting or too much toyish technique. I came across the pattern for this lovely little birdie! The pattern is Chubby Chirps by Danger Crafts. Danger Crafts carry some wonderful little toy patterns, including some pretty fantastic monsters. Once I found my Chubby Chirps I discovered a fantastic monster knit up by Ann! She knit this little beauty out of Blue Sky Alpacas worsted cotton.


I’m just deciding on colours to make a fantastic monster of my own! I made my Chirpie out of Spud and Cloe Sweater and it knit up in under and hour, just what I was looking for. Of course, once I finished Chirpie I felt she needed at least 2 friends, she just didn’t look complete otherwise. I was so happy with my Sweater Chirpie I think my monster will have to be made out of the same.

The Chirpie pattern can be found for free online here and the monster patterns are waiting for you in the shop!


Friday, June 10th, 2011


I’m always very excited when I start a new project. In fact, perhaps a little too excited. At first I’m just excited to cast on. This fresh new project is going to be the best ever created. Then I start thinking, maybe I’ll knit one for a friend. I bet my mum would really like one of these. This would also look great in blue….thus a monster is created. Then by the time I finish the project I’m usually pretty glad to be done. Time has been spent, mistakes have undoubtedly been made and I am no longer having visions of grandeur.


That being said, it is a sign of a great pattern when I really do knit it up again and again (even twice is a pretty big complement). One of my particular faves is the Shetland triangle. I am enjoying my second summer of excessive lace knitting (several shawls have been cast on in a fit of startitis) and when I lovingly pulled my first Shetland Triangle out of it’s hiding spot I immediately wanted to cast on for another. The lovely leafy sort of pattern is so pretty and the excellent yarn I picked for the first one (Cashsilk by SweetGeorgia in Riptide) didn’t hurt my desire to cast on for the second. Second time around I’m enjoying this knit just as much, a great pattern and a great finished product.


Do the Twist

Monday, June 6th, 2011

With the invention of Ravelry there are so very many ways to see so many knitting and crochet patterns. There are thousands out there and all to be seen with the click of a button. I love the ease with which I can log on and search based on how much yarn I have, the yarn I want to use, the type of pattern I want, patterns my friends are knitting, and pretty much any other parameter you can think of! If you can dream up a knitting pattern you can likely find it.


One of the great online knitting publications is the Twist Collective. It comes out quarterly and always has several patterns I want to knit as well as interesting articles about knitting history, culture, or techniques. This season is no exception! I’m dying to cast on for Abrazo, a pretty lace shawl (I know, I know, I’m all about the lace right now, summer must be coming!) in some pretty SweetGeorgia.


There were also some great fair isle sock patterns I’m itching to try. I have done socks (a lot) and I have done fair isle (a lot) but never the two together. I’m worried about gauge so I will definitely have to check it twice but what an amazing little piece of art for your feet. I’m also (sadly) starting to think about holiday knitting. I realize it’s pretty early but if you want to finish a sweater or two it’s best to at least start thinking about it now. (Don’t hate me, it’s just the truth!). I love the pretty detailing on Timpani.


So check out Twist! Great patterns and great articles are a winning knitting combination!


Friday, June 3rd, 2011


He shoots he scores! While watching the Canuck’s game on Wednesday night I cast on for my very own Orca whale (the Orca being the Canuck mascot of course). I’ve been kind of into the popular patterns and group knits lately. It gives me some sense of connection to know that many people are working on the same projects at the same time. Anina is working on a whale of her own as well.

Even though I’m enjoying working on similar projects I never want to be exactly the same to I’ve opted for some blue and green Malabrigo to create a colourful and somewhat team coloured Orca, instead of the classic black and white. Anina is working hers in Cascade 220 (in fact she’s probably already done!).

I’m finding my groove with toy knitting, preferring to work with some weightier yarns (avoiding the DK and sock weight items) and learning when I can and cannot watch the latest episode of 30 Rock. Working the body? No problem, anything can be going on around me. Time to cast on for those pesky detailed limbs, that’s knitting best done in a quieter place and head space. Orca’s not too tough though so I’m happy to be working on it while the games go on.

To make and Orca of your very own you will need:

Worsted weight (around an 18 stitch gauge) yarn in 2 colours

3.5mm needles

the pattern which you can find for free here.

Rock Island Update: Garter stitch with a few decreases seams like the easiest thing I’ve ever done after all that lace. I’m still trying to figure out how I will be knitting at the last minute but I’m sure I will be…..

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