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Monday, June 25th, 2012

Every so often there is an absolute run on a pattern and yarn. It happened with Amanda’s Jenny wrap and with the Clapotis and Handmaiden Mini Maiden. It seemed that not only were knitters enamored with a certain pattern, they just HAD to have the exact same yarn to go with it! Well the latest craze? Insouciant by Julie Hoover.


This pattern is a simple and elegant t-shirt with the lovely drape of Habu’s Tsumugi Silk. The shape of the shirt is such that it would fit any body type and the yarn is a beautiful tweedy raw silk. Nothing wrong with that combination! Anina is working on hers and more than a few have come through the shop in the last few weeks.


Here at UY is seems that what we really do is substitute yarns. There are always endless combinations that would work for any given pattern. Insouciant seems to be an exception to this rule. There is really no other yarn that is quite like the Habu Tsumugi and I can’t even think of another yarn I would use! It’s just a perfect combination.

Habu at Urban Yarns!

Friday, August 20th, 2010


Well, Urban Yarns is hosting yet another exciting and fabulous event: September 28th and 29th Takako from Habu Textiles will be teaching four 45 minute Japanese schematic pattern reading workshops! There will also be a trunk show where you can enjoy a “hands-on” presentation of over 30 kit garments.  We will have some kits available for sale in the store and you will also have an opportunity to consult with Takako and place orders.


What is Habu? For those of you not in the know, Habu is a textile line. I would use the word yarn here, but Habu seems to be something a bit more than yarn, hence the term textiles. Habu makes their ‘yarns’ from fibres I never would have thought possible. The one I am most intrigued by is the combination of stainless steel and silk. You would think this combination would be scratchy and strange but it’s shimmery, soft, and beautiful. Habu also makes yarns from paper, cord, and ramie. Some of these fibres I haven’t even heard of before!


Habu has quite a following. Although their kits often have no pictures to accompany them, people seem to flock towards these unique designs and fibres that create truly one of a kind garments. Venus, one of our UY gals, created a beautiful tunic from one of the Habu kits and it is stunning, you can check it out at the shop if you drop on by!


The Habu Details:

Who: Takako from Habu Textiles

What: Japanese Lace Classes

Where: Urban Yarns of course!

When: September 28th from 1-2 and 4-5 and September 29th 12-1 and 3-4

The cost of a class is only $10.00 and there are only 12 seats available per class so give us a call and reserve yourself a seat!