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Fun with Kaffe and Brandon

Tuesday, October 5th, 2010


It was another wild night at Urban Yarns on Friday. After the famous Kaffe Fassett gave an inspiring talk to many of his biggest fans, it was party time at UY. The crowd returning from the talk was bursting with inspiration. I find Kaffe’s colour combinations and ideas to be the most inspirational. He puts together colours I definitely wouldn’t have thought of, but they really work together. The place was packed, wine was flowing, and every once in a while some hilarity ensued!


Anina and Jan were inseparable from Brandon and Kaffe for the week and I have a feeling some new friendships have arisen. Brandon and Kaffe are both delightful individuals as well as very talented men when it comes to textiles. I got to meet them when they were letting loose a bit on Friday night; they were both charming and down to earth, even though they are both kind of a “big deal” in the knitting and quilting worlds to say the least.


On Sunday, Brandon gave a workshop on colour work and attendees have been all abuzz ever since. Fair Isle work has always been a soft spot of mine, but Brandon really takes it to a whole new level. I’ve worked with a few colours at a time, but I understand the poppy swatch they worked on had just a few more colours than that! Again the focus of Brandon’s work is colour;  how lights and darks work together, and against each other, to create a stunning masterpiece.


There is a lot to learn from two such prolific and accomplished gentlemen and it was a real honour to meet them this week. It’s always wonderful to meet knitting legends!