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A Knitting Milestone

Friday, April 29th, 2011


Kynna has finished her first full sized sweater!!!! This is a major knitterly accomplishment if I do say so myself. Sweater knitting is a lot more particular than say, scarf knitting (most of the time). You have to be a lot more precise with your gauge and sizing, and this can be a little scary. It’s a lot of knitting and we are so used to trying on sweaters before we buy them! Not to discourage though, it’s a challenge worth taking on.


That being said, when you knit your own sweater there are also a lot of upsides. You have a unique garment, no one will have one exactly like it. You can also really tailor it to your liking. This may take a few re-do’s and a little ripping out but it’s worth it for a sweater that works just the way you want it to.


Kynna’s sweater is Wordsworth by Berocco. It is knit up in Berocco Blackstone Tweed and it’s just lovely. It’s a nice soft tweed (relatively hard to find  a soft tweed so it’s quite nice when you do!) and it comes in a whole bunch of lovely colours. Kynna’s pretty pink sweater is also rather timely, since it’s been so cold this week! I’m loving the vintage leather buttons she chose too, they add a little something to the knit. Well done Kynna!

The Clapo-tea party has had to be postponed until Friday May 13th, I’ve seen some beautiful projects already, it’s gonna be a blast! Here is a pic of Kynna’s rainbow Clapotis, it’s coming along nicely.