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December 10th- The Ultimate Gift of Needles

Sunday, December 11th, 2011

There are many needles in the world. Not just different sizes but double points, straight needles, and circulars (all lengths). With so many needles, what do you get a knitter? Why a Click set of course!


If you have a knitter on your list who seems to have all the yarn they need (first of all, they don’t and they never will have all the yarn they need but I digress) perhaps a fantastic set of needles is the right gift for them. Trust me, it will be amazing under the tree and even if you aren’t a knitter and can’t figure out why they might want such a thing, they will love it. My fave: the Addi Lace Click set, it’s got just about everything you will need for any knitting project.

Needles 101: Circulars

Thursday, September 9th, 2010


So I had this great idea for fall: I will finish all projects that are on the needles. Period. No ifs ands or buts. The problem I have discovered is that I have a slightly obscene number of needles. Needles of all shapes and sizes too: circulars (mostly), double points, and straights. I even found some needle duplicates which was a little annoying. I long ago found organizational solutions for my needles so that’s all well and good and I even downloaded an i-phone app to avoid purchasing duplicate needles in the future. What got me thinking was the sheer number of types of knitting needles and the variety of materials they are made of.

This had me wondering how do people know what needles are best for them and their project? It often comes down to personal preferance or budget as far as materials go, but I have a few needle thoughts that might help those who are trying to decide which needles are the ones for them. There are so many, I think I will start with my personal fave: circulars.

Circulars: Some people use circulars and circulars only. You might be wondering how they can make something like a sock on circulars but there is in fact 2 different ways of doing that. You can use the Magic Loop method and make a sock on one needle, or you can use 2 circulars. This goes for sleeves or hats or anything with a small circumference.

What are the benfits of the circular needle? The weight distribution is a big one for me. I like that the bulk of your knitting is in the middle of the cord, as opposed to straight needles which have you moving the weight from side to side. It’s not really a big deal for smaller items, like hats, but for a sweater this can be a major issue. Carrying a lot of sweater weight from side to side can not only impede your knitting, but it can give you tension issues