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Hey Girl….

Saturday, February 25th, 2012

This one had us rolling in the isles this Friday (thanks for sending it my way Em):

Ryan Gosling

There is just something about a cute boy who appreciates knitting prowess, a charming combination in my opinion! I think Ryan Gosling has a point though, the Honey Cowl is a great knit (and I wish mine hadn’t been a gift or I WOULD rock a Honey Cowl like no one else!). It seems as though everyone has knit at least one of these lovely textured cowls and there is always at least one hanging around the shop.


Kynna seems to be permanently attached to her Glazed Pecan Tosh DK version (and I can’t say I blame her). Amanda’s Fathom Tosh Merino DK version seems to be watching me all day, begging me to knit another one… I’ve seen electric green versions, deep reds, variegated, kettle dyed, and solid versions. Longer ones, shorter ones, you name it, it has walked through the doors of Urban Yarns! About 450 yards of DK weight yarn is all you need to get started.