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Remember Veera?

Thursday, September 6th, 2012
Hooray Cardigan

Hooray Cardigan

While I love to knit the summer away, this is not the same for everyone. Some people don’t knit on vacation (*gasp*) and some have kids at home for the holidays. Some are busy entertaining on the patio and some would rather be at the beach (and sand and knitting are not really great together). Some knitters travel, some knitters camp, some enjoy a stay-cation around town, and some just don’t like sticky knitting fingers. For all of these reasons this KAL had a long timeline!

Golden Wheat

Golden Wheat

So long in fact, you may have forgotten about Veera. Not to worry, our show off party won’t be until the 28th of September, still enough time to whip up a sweater right? If you have already started awesome, if not there is still time to peruse her great patterns and pick something simple but fun (I feel this is Veera’s specialty). So grab some yarn (there are a TON of new ones around the shop), a Veera pattern, and needles to match!

Northanger Abbey

Northanger Abbey

Meet Veera

Sunday, June 10th, 2012

Well, after the success of our Jane knit along, it’s time for another! This one is going to go a little longer than usual since it’s the summer and some people (who are not me) take a bit of a knit break in the heat. Will there ever be that kind of heat here in Vancouver?

I digress. Meet Veera. The usual rules apply: pick yourself a Veera Valimaki pattern, get yourself some yarn to match, and cast on June 22nd. We will be casting off and/or showing off our knits on September 21st. Simple right? So here come some pattern options I think you might enjoy:

Hooray Cardigan

Hooray Cardigan



Color Affection

Color Affection

Rae Race

Thursday, May 17th, 2012

I realize that knitting is not a race. It’s about the process, the meditative rhythm of creating loop upon loop, the sense of history brought on by moving your hands in the same way that people have done for centuries. There is no real benefit to finishing anything first, and no need to get competitive. Of course I still can’t help but feel that I am somehow losing in the Rae race….badly.

Kynna's Rae

Kynna's Rae

When we decided on a Jane Richmond KAL I wanted to do an Oatmeal pullover. I am expanding at the wrong rate to be attempting a sweater of any kind for myself right now so I had to put that one aside. In an attempt to do something more impressive this KAL than last (I knit a tiny little cushion for Tiny Owl Knits) I cast on for a Classic Children’s Raglan (which only needs one more sleeve!) and a Rae. It seems that the Rae was the popular way to go! Off the top of my head I can think of Kynna, Kim, and Ashley who are also working their way through Rae scarves. Quickly. More quickly than I am.

Kim's Rae

Kim's Rae

Kynna is almost done (or maybe she’s even done now!) and Kim was well on her way last time I checked in. It’s possible that Ashley is somewhere behind me but not likely. I’m only half way. Well almost half way. I’ve got 8 days. It’s gonna be close!

KAL the next

Thursday, April 5th, 2012

After a successful finish to our last KAL, Tiny Owl Knits, it’s time to start another (I know, we are relentless!). Note: pics from the TOK KAL are coming shortly, there were some amazing projects finished. I’m pretty excited about the next KAL, the designer is one of my very favorites, Jane Richmond!



Jane is a local gal (if you call the island local, and I do) with a flair for great simple designs. Her hats are quickly becoming legend with their double thick brims and her sweater constructions are wonderfully intuitive. I love a straight forward design that shows off some beautiful yarn.



I will be casting on (OK I cheated a little and already cast on both) the Children’s Classic Raglan, and Rae. Kynna will also be working on Rae, it’s such a great use of that skein of sock yarn you have been coveting. I’m using the SweetGeorgia Silk Merino Lace for the Rae, in the newest colourway to UY Lemon Curd. The yarn will be held doubled to get the right gauge.



Patterns will be arriving at UY this weekend so cast on starts next Friday (I’ll be casting on a 3rd project I just haven’t figured out which one). As an added treat the end of the KAL will be Friday the 25th of May, when Jane herself will party down with us!

Vine Yoke Loveliness

Friday, October 21st, 2011


After another fun and successful KAL I have to share one of the most stunning sweaters I think I’ve ever seen! Marianela knit the Vine Yoke Cardigan by Ysolda Teague in Madelinetosh DK (colourway is Cousteau) and it came out absolutely perfect. The vine pattern in the yoke is such a pretty detail to a sideways knit garter pattern.


Not to mention she managed to make it fit like it was knit just for her (which I suppose it was but still, a feat to be accomplished). Ashley is also working her way through a Vine Yoke Cardigan and we can’t wait to see it on you!


PS. I don’t know why but I ALWAYS want to type yolk, instead of yoke. It’s an involuntary compulsion.

KAL Update

Tuesday, October 4th, 2011


Well folks I’m gonna need a lot of baby napping time this week to finish my KAL project for Friday!!! I’m just finishing up the yoke on my Blue Sky Alapcas Cotton Leisl in a lovely vintage-esque yellow. I’ve been a bit distracted lately with some baby shower knits but I’m still pretty determined to bring my finished Ysolda Teague sweater to Friday’s knit night.


Kynna, on the other hand, cast on last Saturday for a stunning Ysolda knit: the Rose Red Beret. Kynna is knitting this charming tam from Madelinetosh Merino DK in the colourway Tart. I couldn’t think of a better colour/pattern combination than that! There’s still time to cast on and cast off some of Ysolda’s smaller projects, perhaps a wee pair of Little Shoes? Or maybe a Snapdragon Tam? See you all Friday!


Little Red is Here!

Tuesday, August 9th, 2011


I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it, Little Red in the City is here! Little Red is the latest book from Ysolda Teague and it is amazing. Not only does it have 7 fantastic sweater patterns in it, it also has a lot of great information about sweater knitting and fit. It’s crushing to knit a whole sweater and have it fit poorly, but Ysolda has some great tips on how to avoid this knitastrophe.



One of the other nice features of this book is the sizing. Many sweater patterns are for 1 or 2 sizes but these patterns go up to some larger sizes, a nice feature if you need it! The real question is which one to knit first! I’m loving all 7 really but I’m a sucker for a fair isle yoke and birdies so I think Chickadee has to be my fave.



Just a reminder that we are all working on an Ysolda Teague KAL (knit along) so if you are feeling bold cast on for one of these great sweaters for the finish late in September!

Flood-along complete!

Monday, July 11th, 2011


It was another great time on Friday finishing up our Jared Flood/Brooklyn Tweed knit-a-long! (in case anyone is confused Jared Flood is a designer and he designs/blogs as Brooklyn Tweed). There were some lovely projects knit during the allotted KAL time and Anina and Michael brought some lovely Floodish projects already completed (or nearly so).


There were more Rock Island’s than anything else. I knit one myself! The pattern is intense with lace on both sides and an interesting construction. It was probably one of the most complicated things I’ve knit, although garments have their own measuring challenges. Iona, Marianella, and I all knit our Rock Island shawls in SweetGeorgia Merino Silk Lace. It’s just irresistible! (Colours are Slate, Riptide, and English Ivy)



There were 2 Terra shawls, one knit in Cascade 220 and one in Berocco Ultra Alpaca.





Ashley brought her beautiful Juneberry shawl. It’s also a tricky lace piece with lace on both sides and a different construction. Hers is a stunning blue in the Berocco Ultra Alpaca as well. (Ashley has an awesome blog, you can check it out here)



Anina brought her Umaro, a lovely thick blanket and Michael brought his Koolhaus hat and Grove mittens.


So now that the Flood-along is finished it’s time to KAL something new! This Friday we will be casting on for our Ysolda Teague KAL so pick your projects and yarn and join us either in person or on Ravelry!

Party Time

Tuesday, July 5th, 2011


This Friday is the Jared Flood Knit Along party! Come one come all for some tea and cookies and Floodish goodness. I have been mentioning to people all week that I will be attending a Flood party on Friday and they seem to think I’m going to a party with short pants. Non-knitters may not be as familiar with Brooklyn Tweed’s body of work as we knitterly folk are…..


Since we are all theoretically casting off our BT/JF projects this week (I know a few of you aren’t done, the world won’t end, come party anyways) it must be time for the next KAL! I was chatting with Kynna last week and she said the next KAL just had to be her favorite: Ysolda.


The greatest thing about an Ysolda KAL is that there are so many different types of patterns to choose from. She has a lot of accessories if you are feeling like something small and very finishable or if you are feeling more ambitious she has some serious sweater patterns too. I’m thinking Coraline…..


The end date for the Ysolda knit has yet to be determined but it will most definitely be in the last couple of weeks of September, we are giving this one a nice long time for those who are knitting sweaters! Hope to see you Friday and we can all plot our next KAL knits!

This weeks special is:

Araucania Ranco

Solids 30% off was $14.95, now $10.96

Multis 30% off, $16.95, now $11.87

The Most Beautiful Gloves in the World

Thursday, May 19th, 2011


I was perusing my friends activity on Ravelry yesterday (feeling a bit like a knitting stalker) and what should I come across but the most beautiful fingerless gloves in the world. Amanda always knows just the patterns that will come out looking as if they were straight out of an Anthropologie catalog. The pattern is Sweet Robin Wrist-ees by Tiny Owl Knits

These mittens are a little intense but I think the effort is well worth it. Amanda used intarsia for the bird and nest but this pattern also calls for details added after the glove has been knit. The eggs and nest details are added afterward. A fair bit of technique for a small project but I think small projects are the best way to learn something.


The combinations of colours add so much depth to the project and Amanda’s colour combo came out amazing. It’s sometimes hard to find all the colours you are looking for in one yarn for a project like this but Amanda was thinking outside the box and picked out sock weight yarn in several different yarn brands. The result is fabulous.

Reminder: Margaret Radcliffe classes are coming up next week so snag one of the few spots left! (you can read more about Margaret here)

Brooklyn Tweed KAL Update: I have cast on my Rock Island. Hunter threw up on the first 6 repeats of the outer lace chart. I’m chugging away so I can finish the outer lace chart and clean it. Of all the places Hunter…..